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Time out of Joint: The Queer and the Customary in Africa

Time out of Joint: The Queer and the Customary in Africa

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Special Issue Editor(s): Kirk Fiereck, Neville Hoad, Danai S. Mupotsa
Contributors to this special issue investigate how queer theory might change when African texts, experiences, and concepts are placed front and center rather than treated as examples or case studies. The authors consider what the concept of customary does to the dialectic of tradition and modernity that is at the heart of much Africanist scholarship. Can queer theoretical texts travel beyond the North Atlantic world that made them without reproducing imperial ways of knowing? Can there be an African queer theory? In posing these questions, the authors encourage readers to consider queerness from and within Africa, exploring what African customary forms of gender and sexuality might do to the anti-normativity of queer theory and how presumptions within Euro-American queer scholarship contribute to Afro-pessimist and/or Afro-optimist scholarship.

Contributors. Cal (Crystal) Biruk, Laura Edmondson, Kirk Fiereck, Neville Hoad, Phoebe Kisubi, Keguro Macharia, Danai Mupotsa, Edgar Nabutanyi, Eddie Ombagi, Ruth Ramsden-Karels

Journal Issue 

Pages: 264 

Volume 26, Number 3 

Published: June 2020 

An issue of GLQ